Hi to the parents of Room 15 children.
Welcome back to term 4.
In Room 15 we now are using the See Saw program so have not been entering items to the class blog. If you do not know about See-Saw please ask me.

Just to let you know, however, tomorrow is grandparent morning and on the Monday of week 4 Room 15 will be leading Assembly.

On a Rainy Day

Heaps of hail

We have made a garden bed. Soon we want to plant strawberries and beans.

A 'spy house'
We were very busy when it was so cold outside.

What an exciting day, even if it was so cold.
The hail looked good, felt cold and even tasted OK too.
We visited Ambury Farm.
We really enjoyed the ride on the bus. 
We saw and touched lots of animals and we especially liked the baby animals.

The sun was shining and we went for a walk/ run across the paddocks.
we wondered if we would see a Moa.

Busy with Maths and construction

We enjoy exploring with the equipment .

In Room 15 we have been having lots of fun measuring with the plastic cubes and also measuring with the blocks as we created the paddocks for our farm. The animals need their own space.
Here are a few photos of some of the things room 15 has been up to recently.
Mrs McKay is very 'new' to 'blogging'.  look forward to sharing more .